Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

December 2011

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post.  I am a total slacker!  I will try to be better!

We have had a busy couple of months.  Kaiser is doing pretty good.  We found out over the summer that he is really allergic to pets and some other things.  We had to find new homes for our 4 animals, which was really hard.  We will wait and see if he is going to be better.  He already seems better, although it may take up to 6 months for all the dander to be gone.  He is so busy.  He is getting in to everything and is faster and faster every day.  I found my wool hat and an ornament in the toilet today.  Our house is busy and chaotic with him around.  But he is talking and talking more every day and is starting to be able to communicate with us.  He is still happy and smiley and seems to be just a joyous little guy most of the time.  Except when he is mad.  Then he is loud, and REALLY mad.
Lilia is doing wonderful.  She turned 6 and started 1st grade this year.  She lost her first tooth about a month ago.  She looks pretty cute!  She is in gymnastics again and is loving it!  And she is a great big sister.  He does get on her nerves when he yells, tries to tackle her or messes up her things, but for the most part, she is kind and loving to him.  It is great being a family of 4.

Lee and I are doing well.  Just busy with the kids and the holidays coming up.  We went to Cancun with his family in October and it was a nice getaway before the cold.  No vacations planned for us for next year.  We might take a couple weekend trips around Colorado and that might be it for 2012.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

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