Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Lilia and I went skiing in Loveland for the first time. She has no fear at all. The first time we went down, I had her between my legs with one of those edgie wedgies that keep the tips of her skis together. The next time, she wanted me to take it off because she said, "It's messing me up." She wanted to ski next to me and kept trying to let go. She had a hard time with the snowplow concept. One time, she jerked her hand away, put her skis together and started flying down the hill. I couldn't catch up to her and she was picking up speed heading straight for a group of kids in ski school. I was screaming, "Lilia stop, slow down, look out, stop, stop!!" She casually bent her knees and sat back down on the snow and stopped herself. The whole time, she was cracking up laughing. When I got to her in a PANIC, she was laughing and said, "Sorry I let go of your hand." Dare devil. She absolutely loved it and keeps asking when we can go back. She was free for the one lift and 2 green runs. So we will be going a lot!!

She started gymnastics again yesterday since her arm has healed. She was excited and jumped up and down the whole time.

On the adoption front, our homestudy is at the agency for review. We are hoping it will be approved this week so we can send it in to the state. We are also hoping our DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia- meaning all our paperwork is in Ethiopia) will be some time in February.

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