Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser


We had such a great time on Easter.  Lilia knows Jesus died on a cross for us, and on Easter, she said "he's not dead anymore.  He's alive and in our hearts."  She knows the real meaning of Easter, but still loved her basket and looking for eggs.  She was so excited every time she found one and would shake it and say "something's in here!"  We went to Church and the kids got to dance on stage for the last song.  Then we went to Gramma and Papa's house and got to spend the day with the whole family, including Great grandma. 
We found out about the 2 visit thing for Ethiopia, then they changed it back to one visit.  Then this last week, they changed it back to 2 visits!  We are just going with the flow.  We will get him here somehow.  God is in control.

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