Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

April 9th

Making Smores in our backyard

In Glenwood at a tour of the caverns


Sissy and bro-bro

We are all doing great and enjoying our new life.  Kaiser was finally starting to feel more healthy until this last week, and then he came down with another cold.  He seems to be better this time and his ears seem okay.  We have a doctor appt. with him on Tuesday for his 9 month well baby visit.  He finally started crawling on Thursday, but seems to not want to do it a lot yet.  Today he crawled a little bit more on one knee with the other foot on the ground and the knee up.  It is so cute!

We got a great swingset from our neighbors and Lilia is having a ball playing for a couple hours each day on it.  Kaiser is pretty indifferent about swinging at this point, but ate a lot of sand while playing in the sandbox.  Lilia and Kaiser are becoming a great pair.  She loves to make him laugh and help him.  She will wipe his nose, or pick it, too!  She helps get diapers and wipes, and will try to help dress him.  She picks him up, and tries to help him walk.  Lilia is starting to get tiny freckles on her nose and told me his the color of her freckles, so she has started calling him "my little freckle freck."  It is adorable to see them together and to see her trying so hard to make him laugh.  He is super loud and just likes to scream when he is really happy, and she will put his pacifier in to keep him quiet, or will yell to me "Mom, he wants you to pick him up!"

We went to Glenwood with my sister and their cousins for spring break and it was such a good time.  We went to the hotsprings pool, and rode a gondola to the top of the mountain.  Lil and Kai loved the warm water.  Our next vacation will be a big family vacation with my side of the family in June to Disneyworld.  We are looking forward to it!

I have to go back to work next Friday.  I am hoping he does okay without me, because he is so attached to me and a little clingy.  It is such a blessing that I work night shift so I will be working when they are asleep and will be able to be with them during the day.  I am a little sad to be going back, but it will be good to get back into our routine, since I gotta go back some time!

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