Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser


At the Legokids fest with Noelle and Kanyon

Legokids fest

Pile of legos

My new hat!

Almost 7!

My new books

father-daughter dance
What a complete slacker I am in updating this blog.  I read other people's blogs on a daily basis but can't seem to get myself together!!  Well, gotta start trying harder.

We have all been great.  Adjusting to life with 2 busy kids has been challenging, but super fun.  The two of them are pretty much night and day.  The one similarity is that they both LOVE life.  They are super happy kids.

For spring break we went with my sister and the kids to Glenwood Springs again and had a great time.  Kaiser just floats around in his water wings and really loves it.  Of course Lilia is a fish swimming around in the deep end, going off the diving board. 

She is going to be on the mini barracudas swim team this summer and hopefully they can teach her some good swimming techniques.  2 days a week with one swim meet at the end.  She is still in gymnastics, which she really enjoys.  She finally did her own pullover all by herself last week.  It was awesome to see her progress.  She is going to stay in gymnastics, and is still doing girl scouts.  She wants to do piano lessons, too, but we are going to wait until swimming is over.  We would like our lives to be a little less busy!  She is almost done with 1st grade!  We all are ready for the school year to be over.  She is reading like a champ. 3rd grade level.  Not that I am bragging.  I am so proud of her.  Now if she could catch up with her handwriting.  At this rate, she will be a doctor in no time, the nurses mad at her because she can't write legibly :)

Kaiser is so busy.  He is curious, into everything. He loves dirt, sand, sticky stuff, and anything messy.  He is messy all the time.  Food doesn't stay put.  He throws food on the floor, etc.  He is fun, but you have to watch him all the time so he is not a danger to himself or others!  He is pretty sweet most of the time, but has his brief moments of "no!" but usually you can say "Kaiser, say no thank you," and he will say "no thank you mama."  He has seen time out a few times, and knows what it is.  He is pretty good about staying there when he has to.  I am not sure Lilia ever saw time out.  Compliant kid she was and still is.  Kaiser is talking up a storm.  He likes to repeat everything you say, and he is into trying to make us laugh.

Lee is busy with work and the Rangers, and football season is right around the corner.  I am working and taking care of kids!  We will be off to Florida in June for a much needed vacation.  Disney for a few days and a week at the beach.  We can't wait!  The kids and I are going in July to visit my very best friend Mandy and her family.  Alabama in July will be hot, but I can't wait to see my friend!

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