Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser


Lil and Uncle Jeff

Lilia at Epcot

Papa and Kaiser

Magic Kingdom

Gramma and Kaiser at Blizzard Beach

We need a vacation after the vacation

Both kids slept the entire plane ride home

We just got back from a week long trip to Orlando and had the best time ever.  We went with the entire family.  Us four, Grandma and Papa, Jody and the kids, and Jeff and Cat.  It was HOT!  104 some days, plus add the humidity and then add the walking and standing in line all day and it made for a hot vacation.  We tried the water parks which the kids just loved.  They liked Disney, but preferred to be in the pool most of the time.
Kaiser is doing pretty well.  Still trying to fight off illness and lung stuff, but he is a happy little boy.  He did great at Disney.  We had him in the stroller and took turns holding him and he did great, but did get hot. 
Lilia is doing well also.  She is happy she is out of school for the summer.  She is becoming quite a little swimmer and we can let her go freely in the deep end.
We are looking forward to the rest of the summer!

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