Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

First day of school

Lilia started preschool the last week in August. She loves it and has already made some friends. She says she plays superheros every day at recess with her friends. She can't seem to tell us much of what she does every day except she says, "I learned." It has been hard getting her up early because she is such a late sleeper, but we are getting into a routine.

She is such a funny kid. Today she jumped down from sitting on a pole and said, "I almost knocked my teeth out." We laugh at her all the time. She still loves Star Wars, and sometimes wakes up dreaming about it. The first thing she will talk about is that little droid or the fire and Anakin....etc. So cute!

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Nicole said...

What a cute preschooler! From the photos it looks like Blue Heron preschool. How fun! Who is Lilia's teacher? I wish I was still working there and I could have been her teacher. I hope she is enjoying preschool! :) Nicole

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