Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Boo Hoo! Sad mama :(

My little baby broke her arm :( And broke my heart :(

We were at my cousin's wedding and she fell off the stage and landed on her arm. Broke both bones in her forearm. She was such a trooper. The hardest part was holding her while she was crying and then her saying, "mommy, PLEASE help me, it hurts!" Then later she said, "Mommy, I fell off the stage. And you didn't catch me. Mommy, could you please catch me next time?" She is still in a little pain, and her hand is slightly swollen. But she is running around, clutsy as ever. She is doing nothing to protect it. Jumping off things, falling every second, spinning around in circles 'till she is dizzy. It still breaks my heart to see that little cast on her arm. She is so brave.

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Mandy Go said...

Poor Poor Lilia!!! Poor thing!! I am glad to hear she is taking it so well... but man, I know Mommy still hurts... there are just some things you can't prevent... no matter what! Looks like she bounced right back, cast and all. Love you guys.

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