Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Our paperwork is in!

      We FINALLY finished all our paperwork and sent it off to our adoption agency today!!  It feels so good to have it out of our hands.  It took about 6 months to complete it all, and now we just wait.   Our dossier (all our paperwork) should go over to Ethiopia some time next week.  Then we should receive a referral hopefully in 6 months or so.  What a relief.
      Lil is great, as always.  We went to the zoo yesterday and she had a blast.  Then to the park today.  I found out she can swing and pump her legs all by herself.  She learned from her friend at school, and I didn't know she could do it until today.   What a big girl.  
      We are ready for spring so we can go outside and play.  We have a vacation planned to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary in June and can't wait for that.  Lil is coming along of course!

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