Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Movin' on up!

We are #5 on the waitlist for a baby boy!!  Wahoo!!  We are hoping July is the month we get "the call."  The courts in Ethiopia are closing for 6 weeks over the summer, sometime between August and October.  At this point, we are just thinking we aren't going to get a court date before the courts close and we are going to have to wait until some time after October.  Then we will go over for court, love on our baby boy, and then come home without him until the Embassy clears him for travel to the US.  Maybe 8 weeks after court.  We might have a Christmas blessing in our arms!  We are leaving it all up to the Lord, because his timing is always right. 
As for my hip, it is still hurting, but it is healing slowly.  I am hoping by next week I can come off crutches and go back to work.  It didn't help in Seattle when our hotel had a fire and I had to go down 34 flights of stairs!!
Lilia is happy and having a great summer.  Swimming and playing with her cousins and friends.  This was our cute conversation this morning.  Mom: "so Lilia, you have to forgive people, just as Jesus forgives us."  Lilia:  "Mommy, if we make chocolate chip cookies and we forget the egg, Jesus still forgives us."  What a cutie pie!!

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