Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Waiting.....for the phone to ring! 8/20/10

We have been #1 for 18 days.  18 loooooooong days.  Every time the phone rings, my heart starts to race and then I look at the caller ID and think.....darn.  It isn't the call I want!  I keep saying, surely it will be today!  But it hasn't been yet.  The agency office was closed today, so another weekend without a call.  It has GOT to be next week!
One of my bestest friends and I spent yesterday putting up wainscoting in our little boy's room.  It made the time go fast, and it looks great!  I have 2 more sides of the crib bumber to sew, paint the wainscoting, put the crib up, then it is done!  The rest of the sewing is done.  I hope he likes his little helicopter room!
Lilia met her kindergarten teacher today and seemed to like her.  She seems really sweet.  She starts school on Monday and is excited!  I am a little nervous.  Even though she went to preschool, it still feels like her first day of school.  I hope I don't cry!  Hopefully my next post will be that we have a little one!

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