Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

6 months and counting (9/20/10)

6 months DTE (dossier to Ethiopia).  Our paperwork arrived in Ethiopia 6 months ago and the wait began.  Originally, we were told 4-6 months before we got a referral.  4 months came and went, 5 months came and went, now 6 months came and went.  We know all too well that the world of adoption is not cut and dry, there are no guarantees of anything.  But we have learned the one guarantee is that we serve a sovereign God who has his hand in our lives, and that in the end, he will work everything out for the good.  So we are still waiting for the call to come.  Courts re-open in a week, so if that is what they are waiting for, we are almost there.  Pray for patience and peace as we wait!
We are doing great otherwise.  Lee is having fun doing the Colorado Rangers and I am so proud of him! Football is in full swing, and his little team is 5-0 and kicking some butt this year.  Our little nephew is playing on Lee's team, and he is so proud of him!!  It makes our lives super busy, but it is something we love to do together.  Lilia is reading more and more every day and is doing great in school.  She is still in gymnastics and is having fun!  I just got back from an awesome women's retreat at Estes Park.  We are truly blessed, and can't wait to add 1 more to all the craziness around here!

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