Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

The countdown is here!

We leave for Ethiopia 6 weeks from today!!  We will be leaving on December 11th and arrive in Ethiopia the night of the 12th (which happens to be my birthday and the best present ever!)  We will see our little man the next 3 days, and then head to court on the 16th.  Then we leave the night of the 17th and make it back to Denver at noon on the 18th.  We have so much to do until then!  We are still taking donations if anyone is interested!  We get 4 free bags and are trying to fill them all.  Plus gifts for the nannies and the kids in the state orphanage.
Our dear little South Jeffco Sabercats lost their playoff game today and we are sad about it.  It was a great year and we are proud of them!
Lilia is loving all the leaves and has jumped in them a bunch.   And she has a new FAVORITE show.  Dinosaur train is out, and Dino Dan is in!  Lee and I really miss dinosaur train though, and are sad to see it go.  I just love this picture of Lilia and it might be one of my favorite ones ever of her!  I look at her and think.......you are the most beautiful girl God ever made.  Inside and out.  We are lucky!!  Our good friends have a one-year-old who was pulling Lilia's hair today and she told me about it.  I told her she might have to get used to it because her baby brother might pull her hair.  She said, "Is he gonna pull it all out?"  It is gonna be a transition for us all, but especially for her I think.  I know she will be an awesome big sister, though.

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