Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

March 9

We have been having a ton of fun since we haven't been at the doctor every minute.  We decided to go stay at a hotel downtown for a brief getaway for the night.  Lilia was thrilled to be able to see all the skyscrapers and to get to stay in one.  We went to eat and then went to the pool at the hotel.  Lilia loved it because it was pretty warm, and part was inside, part was outside.  Kaiser loved it, too.  He is a splasher.  It was so fun!
On Sunday, our little man was dedicated at church.  He looked so adorable in his hat and vest.  He kept the hat on until we got up to the altar and then whipped it off.  So cute.
We are planning a short trip to Glenwood hot springs for spring break with my sister and her kids.  It is going to be so fun, and it will be great to have all the cousins together.
Today we are going to get his labs drawn.  The doc just wants to check him out, and also to see if he got the immunizations properly so we don't have to start over.  Should be terrible!  He still has ear infections, and is on round 2 of antibiotics, which he had major diarrhea so we had to switch to soy, diarrhea formula.  Which only comes in liquid and is hard to find.  I am going to be going all over to Walgreens today to try to find it for the next week.  We are continuing the breathing treatments through the rest of the winter also.  It will be good to have him healthy all the way around.  He is still so happy and smiley!

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