Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia Day 1

We made it safe and sound to Ethiopia. We tried to get on the internet this morning when we got here but the internet was down due to the African Union meeting being held here. The plane ride was easier than thought and Lilia was a peach. She didn't say she was ready to get off until about an hour before we landed. She slept a little, but mostly played.

We got to our hotel and slept for an hour, then lunch, then on to see Kaiser! He looks the same to me, maybe a little bigger. I am so happy they didn't cut his hair! He was really happy and smiley the whole time. Lilia was so tired she slept through lunch, the ride over, and the first 30 minutes of seeing her new brother. Then she woke up and played with him. It was so amazing to FINALLY see them together. She can make him laugh and tried to carry him around. She kept saying "Daddy, do you want to hold my baby brother?" It was really sweet! He is sitting up, but falls over sometimes, too. No teeth yet!! And, yes, he is sick. Coughing and congested, with a pretty stuffy nose. He needs to just come home.

We are SHOT!! Sooooooo tired. We are eating dinner in about 45 minutes and then off to bed. Tomorrow we are going to do all the paperwork for our Embassy, which we aren't cleared yet, but will do anyway. Then hopefully off to see the buddy again.

He ate some rice today, and choked on it, then threw up. Poor guy!!

I loved to see Kaiser with grammy. It was so cute! You talk about a kid for so long and hope everyone else thinks he is as great as you say, and it was nice to finally have someone to share him with. They are tied together already.

More tomorrow. I will try to post a picture tomorrow, too! I have to say, we pulled away from the transition home today and the other 2 couples got to take their kids with them. I was jealous a little, and very sad. I just want my baby. Haven't heard anything about the paperwork, but am hoping to tomorrow.

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