Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia Day #2

This was one of the most awesome days of our lives!! We started out at the orphanage, standing there waiting to see our buddy. They broought him out to us in the clothes we sent him in November and he is a little doll. He is beautiful! He has the biggest brown eyes, and the whites of his eyes are super white, just like Lilia's eyes! His hair is awesome. It is soft like cotton candy, and loosely curled. And he has a lot of it. In the morning, he acted like he was sick and not feeling good. We felt the rattling in his chest, and the nurse in me was checking his respiratory rate and watching his nasal flaring. He wasn't real smily, just let us hold him and he pretty much just sat there. He started getting fussy so I stood up and rocked him, and he fell right asleep.

We left and went to lunch at a pizza place that was pretty good, and really inexpensive. Then to a coffee shop that looked like starbucks, and they are everywhere like starbucks. We didn't even feel like we were in Ethiopia for a minute. Our guides and drivers have been great. Super friendly and they know the ropes.

In the afternoon, we went back to see him and he was sleeping in his little crib. They woke him up and gave him to us. He was super happy this afternoon. We fed him a bottle and then he was all happy. Lee got him to smile and giggle a little. He was BUSY! Didn't want to sit. Wanted to jump and squirm. The johnny-jumper is going to be fun for him! He got fussy again so I stood up and rocked him to sleep again. Then we put him down in his crib. We got to do footprints of him today, too.

It was awesome to see him and hold him finally! Woohoo! We think he might be the cutest :)

Tomorrow it is shopping in the morning, then back to see him in the afternoon. We have 8 care packages to deliver to other people's kids tomorrow and take all our donations. We are beat. The hours of sleeplessness are catching up. Goodnight!!

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