Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia Day 4

Today was the most emotional day yet. We spent the morning talking with our coordinator Duni about court proceedings, meeting Kaiser's birth mother, etc. It made me feel so sad, a little anxious and uneasy about tomorrow. Pray for peace. Peace for us, and peace for her. I can't even imagine what is going through her mind and heart. I hope we give her a little hope that her son is going to be loved and adored, and possibly that she did the right thing.

We then went to visit 2 separate orphanages. I left in complete tears. I questioned....Why God? Why so many? Why can't you bring parents for them all? Why can't you just snap your fingers and just change the way things are?

We brought 150 matchbox cars to hand out and eaqch and every kid lit up when we gave them one, and carried it around like it was their prized posession. The smiles made our hearts melt. Even with all the loss and poverty in their lives, it is so amazing to see that all of the kids had smiles on their faces. About 5 little kids came up to me when we left and gave me a hung and kissed my cheek. I told them all that Jesus loved them. I don't know if they understood, but I am hoping maybe they felt the love of Jesus through us.

It is also amazing because back in November, some of the families from our agency visited one of the orphanages and it was in dire need. It looks like people heard and helped because we felt like it was in better shape today than it was a month ago. The question of "Why God?" haunted me all day long, but in the end, I understood that things are, just because they are. I can only do as the Lord tells me to do, and let Him figure out all the rest. He is in control, and even though I don't understand, He still holds each and every child in his hand. He is their ultimate Father. But, tomorrow, I am hoping that Ethiopia has one less orphan :)

After the orphanage visits, we went to lunch at the Blue Top restaurant. Americanized food and Ethiopian food. It was a lot of fun, and a little distraction from the morning.

Then to the transition home to see our bugaboo. He was smiling, and we got him to laugh today playing peek-a-boo and tossing him in the air. I put him in his little Christmas outfit and took his picture with his "Ho Ho Ho" hat and "Santa's little man" onesie. What a cute little doll. He loves to be held while we are standing up. He gets fussy if you hold him too long sitting down and as soon as you stand up, he is happy as can be. He got his hair washed and had some oil in it today, which made it super curly! Like mama like son. He has the most mild temperament so far. He just goes with the flow. A lot like his big sister.

We are done for the day! We get to rest and take a nap before dinner. Fish for dinner, so I will probably be eating cinnamon nuts and caramel again :)

Tomorrow we are supposed to meet Kaiser's mom after she goes to court. Pray for that meeting, and please pray that we pass court!! I don't want to go home without knowing he is officially ours!

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