Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia Day 5

Unfortunately, the letter we needed from the Ministry of Women's Affairs was not written and in Kaiser's file when we went in front of the judge.  They write 30 letters a day and only had time to write 20 and ours happened to be one that they didn't have time to write. So don't take a lunch break!  Stay an extra hour later!  Come in early or something people!  We were a little sad about it, but God is in control.  We have a new court date for December 23rd.  The rest of court went fine, and as soon as that letter arrives, we will pass.  Out of the 6 families from our agency, only 2 passed.  We were glad that at least someone did.  God has his hand upon the situation, he is in control and he knows what he is doing.  Otherwise we would be going crazy right now.
After court we came back to our guest house and met with Kaiser's birth mom.  It was quite an experience.  She is young and was scared.  It was a good conversation.  All I wanted to hear is for her to say that she loved him.  She did!  So my heart was happy.  She hugged me and Lee, which was also great.  It lasted maybe 10 minutes.  It has been such an emotional day. 
We then went to lunch and it was pretty good.  Gorgonzola pasta and lasagna.  We have had a lot of italian food here, which for me has been pretty good.  We brought granola bars in case we got hungry, but haven't eaten any because we have been handing them out to the kids at the transition home. 
After lunch we went to spend some time with Kaiser.  He was as mellow as can be.  They woke him up from a nap, which I kind of feel bad about, but then again, how often do you come to Ethiopia to see your only son?  We just held him, fed him a bottle and tried to make him laugh.  He is such a cutie pie.  Curious as ever.  He will eat for a sec and then just look around at everyone to see what's happening.  We are so in love with the little guy.  Even though he is not officially ours on paper, he is officially ours in our hearts.  We will be leaving knowing that he IS ours, and that stupid letter is just a formality.
After we saw the little guy, we went to the transition home for the older kids.  That was such a blast!!  I sat on the wall with them and they all wanted to sit by me.  Two of my favorite little boys were kids I took care packages to.  My friend Jackie M.'s little boy is a sweet heart and hugged me all day.  Also my friend Jennifer H.'s oldest little boy is so sweet and the smiliest little guy!!  We handed out the rest of our 150 matchbox cars to them, which was awesome, and then we handed out their very own pack of gum to each of them.  They were so excited!  For the rest of my adoption friends, the 5 piece packs of gum were loved, along with matchbox cars.  Pretty much anything you give them, they love.  It is funny because we are such hoarders in America.  When we gave stuff to the orphans, most of them would come up to us and try to share what we just gave them.  It really was amazing to see that.  They are selfless little people!!  My favorite little girl was L*** who is on the waiting child list.  What a sweetie!  She is 10 and absolutely beautiful!  I had a brand new lipgloss from bath and body in my pocket and when no other kids were looking, I gave it to her.  She had a smile on her face that I will never forget.   Can't wait till she gets a family!!  All the kids sang songs to us and smiled.  After not passing court, the afternoon completely made up for it.
We came back to the guest house and went shopping briefly on the street.  I got a little coffee pot that is used for coffee ceremonies.  35 burr, which is about $2.25.  We had plans to go to a Thai restaurant at 7 pm for dinner.  I got up at 1:30 am just worrying about court, etc.  So when we got back from shopping, I laid down at 6:30 and never woke up for dinner!  Soooooo exausted.  Emotionally and physically.  We have one more day with our sweet little Kai Pie, then home to our little girl, who I miss so bad.  Can't wait to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her.
This trip for me has been way more emotional than I ever thought it would be.  My heart is tired of feeling, to be honest.  When you are in the US, the situation in the rest of the world is kind of out-of-site, out-of-mind.  But here it stares you in the face every waking moment.  How lucky we are.  How blessed to have the hand of God's blessing in our lives.  How much we have to give, but don't do it.  If a little orphan can share their only pack of fruit snacks with me, why can't I?  That leads me to our new campaign that Lee thought of.  Shoes for Ethiopia.  Pretty much all the kids wear crocs, or knock-off crocks, and probably 90% have holes where their toes are sticking out, or torn up, way too small, way too big.  So if every family we know reading this would send us a pair of knock-off crocks. how may kids could we give a new pair of shoes to?  We need sizes probably for toddler 2-3, all the way up to a kid about 14 years old.  If God lays it on your heart, which I am praying he will, please send it to us so we can bring it over when we come to pick up Kaiser.  This country has given us so much more than we could ever hope or ask.  All we want to do is give back.  All we want is to put a smile on the face of a little orphan kid.
Here is the address to send the shoes to:
Lee and Amy Adkins
5644 S Ingalls St
Littleton, CO 80123
God bless you a million times in return.
We love all of you!!
One more day.....................my heart is already sad to leave him.  Pray for a quick return.

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