Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Final day, and we made it home!

After a looooong plane ride, delays and missed flights, we are home safe and sound.  So glad to be home and sleep in our own beds, but part of our heart is still in Ethiopia.  I miss him so much already .
Our last day there was great.  In the morning, we went to the transition home and saw Kaiser.  He was sicker, which made me very sad.  Not only do I have to leave my child, but I have to leave him when he is sick.  The tears were flowing.  Despite his fever, coughs and stuffy nose, he was cheerful and laughed quite a bit.  We had to say goodbye, which was a lot more painful than I thought it would be.  We did it with Lilia, so I thought I was prepared.  We only spent about 2 hours with Lilia before we left, but we probably spent close to 18 hours with Kaiser, so I think that was the difference.  The only peace in my heart came from knowing God will protect him, and that the nannies in the transition home love him dearly.  He was cleaner than my own kid usually is.  We said goodbye, and that we would be back soon to bring him home.

After lunch, we went to a coffee factory.  Did you know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee?  I knew there was a reason we chose Ethiopia!  Specifically the Sidamo region where Kaiser is from.  It was a pretty neat factory.  Then we pretty much packed and went to the airport. 

We are getting ready to lay down our heads.  God is good.  He has given us such a gift, and we hope we can show God that he chose the right people to be Kai's parents.  Embassy here we come!  We need to bring our baby home!  We are hoping for Jan. 19th, but are prepared for a later date if it happens.  The first thing we need is that darn letter from MOWA.  Pray for the 23rd!

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