Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethopia Day #3

We love our little boy!! He is so sweet and smiley. He really has a pretty calm personality. The only time he got fussy was when we layed him down and when he was tired.

We spent the morning shopping for a little while. We went to a street with a lot of little shops kind of like Mexico. There were little kids coming up to us wanting to shine our shoes and asking for food. We had a lot of granola bars to hand out and it made them happy. We got some cute stuff.

We then went to lunch at a little italian place that was like an art gallery. The food was pretty good, but took a long time. My stomach started to get sick a little but it passed. After lunch we went to the transition home (our orphanage) and it was great. We spent the first hour taking pictures of other families children and handing out care packages to them that their parents from the US sent with us. They were all so happy to get their little packages. It was a great moment! I wanted to just hold my baby, but Lee reminded me of how important it is when you are back in the US without your kids to just get a picture or video of them! Something we were happy to be a part of.

We then got to hold our little boy. He had a bath because his hair was so soft and smelled really good. He was super smiley today and was trying to talk to us. He is way more congested today than yesterday. His nose was really stuffy and he was coughing a little. But he seemed in good spirits! We gave all the donations to the transition home today also. Kai pie was tired so I rocked him in my arms and he fell asleep almost right away. It was so cute because 2 nannies came up to us throughout the day and said "he is mine." It was so cute because they wanted us to know they were his nannies, and they love him. It was so sweet and we got their pictures. Kaiser had on 0-3 month stuff today and 3-6 month yesterday, both seemed to fit pretty well.

We get about a 2 hour break and then we are heading to a traditional Ethiopian dinner with dancing tonight. Yes, I will be stocking up on cinnamon nuts and caramel before I go :)

The kids at the transitional home are exceptionally happy. They all play soccer together and were dancing and singing today. It is great to see smiles on their faces!

More tomorrow!

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