Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

We did not pass again today

Just got a call from the agency that once again, our letter was not there.  I find myself super irritated about it.  I just want to get my little boy home.  Wish some people would work a little overtime.  There were 7 families in Ethiopia for court today and it doesn't look like any of them passed, plus the 4 of us from last week.  Some families posted that they found out their letters were written, they just didn't make it today to the court.  Hopefully our letter is also written, and just hasn't made it there and will tomorrow.  Our agency is going to try again tomorrow to see if the letter is there for us.  Pray for a Merry Christmas Eve for us tomorrow!
Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow, we will be celebrating our Saviours birth, and praising Him that he is in conrol.  I can't post pictures yet, but hopefully I can tomorrow!  Will have to settle for a picture of his hand grabbing his daddy's shirt :)

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