Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia day 10

GOTCHA DAY- Feb. 8, 2011

What a whirlwind the last 24 hours have been. I got woke up last night at 11 pm with a call from the agency that the Embassy had cleared Kaiser’s file and they were ready for our appointment! I was so amazed that it was that quick. We were told not to expect to hear anything until Wed. at the earliest. Such a surprise. The best part about it is that his visa will be ready Thursday morning and we will fly out Thursday night, landing in the USA on February 11, my favorite niece’s 10th birthday. That is the date I asked the Lord for. Never have missed her b-day and I am not about to start now!

I went to the transition home to pick him up and it almost didn’t feel real. They had him ready and dressed in one of the outfits we brought him in December, and they also had the photo book we sent him in October. I cried when we said goodbye to the nannies. What an amazing job they do, and he is so attached to them. When I left his room and shut the door, I could hardly keep from just bawling my eyes out. But I made it with just a streak of tears. We said goodbye to the other kids, and then got in the car and left. At that point, I had no tears at all. I was relieved, excited, happy. It was a different feeling than I had with Lilia. I felt such a sense of loss for her when we pulled away, but maybe because he is a lot younger, I didn’t feel that way. He was not scared either like Lilia was. He just took in the sights and looked around everywhere at the people and the happenings on the street. The smog and the burning smell is the worst today. My throat is dry and sore, and I was sad for the buddy to have to breathe it in.

We got back to the guest house and waited in the lobby for our coordinator to come and take us to the US Embassy. We waited about an hour before they called my name to the window. It was quick and painless. Maybe a total of 3 questions and signed, sealed, delivered, he is yours. We will get his visa at 10 am Thursday and then we will be on a plane to home. HOME. I cannot wait. I have dreamed of this day for 18 months. I have dreamed of walking in to the airport and seeing my family there waiting for him. I can’t believe that I will be landing in Colorado in 81 hours.

We came back to the guest house and the first thing I did was put him in the bath and scrub him down. His hair is so long when it is wet! He actually laughed through the whole thing. Curly head of hair! He got so angry after the bath because he has only slept 30 minutes all day. He would not stop screaming. I broke down…………gave him a binkie. What a loser I am. But, he took it right away, stopped crying and fell asleep in 3 minutes. As I am writing this, he is in his crib sleeping and I can hear him smacking on that binkie. His crib is so cute. It is more like a pram-like thing on wheels that looks like a stroller. I like it!

We get to spend the next 2 days together just hanging out and playing. I think it will be a lot of fun just spending every minute with him. As I am typing, I can smell his baby lotion and I love it! Ahhhhhhhh.

The power is out, with no internet access right now. Who knows when I will be able to send this! More tomorrow!

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