Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia Day.... too many!

It is official. I am in Africa alone! It feels so strange to say that. My family left about 15 minutes ago for the airport and I am sitting here feeling a little scared, but excited about the coming weeks. I know I am going to be okay, and I trust that the Lord will keep me safe.

Today was one of the best days we had. We started the day with a little shopping, and I bought another coffee pot to replace the last one I bought that broke in my suitcase. My brother will be happy to know I have coffee on the way to him! We didn't buy much. We actually spent more money handing out food and money to the kids that came up to the car. One sweet kid remembered us from the last time we were here. A guy in our group paid him to shine his shoes last time and told him to try to go to school. He remembered us and told us he is trying to go to school and buy books. Lee gave him some money. Right before we pulled away, he handed me a bracelet and told me thank you and God bless you. Don't think I will ever forget him. After shopping, we took Lilia to the park with some other friends and the kids really had a great time. The park was beautiful and had a lot of play equipment. After lunch, we went to visit Kaiser. He was asleep, and

we just let him sleep. I had to stop myself from just picking him up and squeezing him. Me, mom and Lilia stayed there while Lee went to the other 2 orphanages to drop of crocs. Everyone was very thankful for the shoes. Our coordinator Yonas told us the people were very thankful and we did a good think. I just want to say to everyone of you who donated, it was more than just a pair of shoes you gave. If you could have seen the smiles on the kids faces when they saw them, and if you could have seen them today running around with their new shoes on their feet, you would know what a good thing it was that you did. I can't say it enough...............from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!

Kaiser smiles at me and mom, but laughs at Lee and Lilia. She had him cracking up today spitting and jumping up and down. I told her it was the one time in her life that it was okay to spit! He just laughed and laughed at her. It was so cute to see them together. Lilia made good friends with another boy that is going with her to America with a different family today. She just adores him and played with him all day. She is going to crash on the plane hopefully from playing hard all day.

Tomorrow I am moving to the guest house in the morning. I can't wait. The hotel we are in now is nice, and the people are really great. But the guest house will feel a little more like home to me, since that is where I stayed last time. Can't wait for the shower!!!

I am hiring a driver to drive me to see Kaiser every day. I am going to spend a lot of alone time with him, which I am looking forward to. I will be relaxed this weekend, knowing the embassy is closed, but come Monday, I am going to be anxious waiting to hear if he is cleared to come home. Pray for a quick clearance from the embassy. I can't bear to be away from my family for too long.

Love to you all and talk to you soon!

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