Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia day whatever!

Sorry we haven't written. The internet has been terrible, and was out all day yesterday. I sent Dad an e-mail quickly this morning, and got disconnected right in the middle of writing to you Jill.

Wed. morning we were at the Transition home visiting Kaiser and our coordinator came over to tell us the Embassy did not accept our paperwork without his passport. They only accept paperwork to be submitted in the mornings, but made an exception for us to be able to bring it in by 5. But she said that immigration said they would not be able to get it done. Unless of a medical reason, etc. I told her Kaiser had a cough! Then mom spoke up and said his grandma is terminally ill, and is waiting to go to heaven until she sees her great-grandson. She said that might be a reason they might expedite it so we got an appt. for 2:30 with immigration. We got there and we were waiting for another agency representative to meet us there. He walked up and whipped the passport out of his briefcase. He got there before us to plead our case and pushed them until they gave it to him. Yay God!! We were submitted to the Embassy yesterday officially! It truly was a

miracle, and a little help from mom and grandma. So now we wait 7-10 days to be cleared, maybe sooner, then home! I am staying by myself until we are cleared to bring him home.

Today we went to visit Kaiser in the morning. He was sicker today, coughing a lot and congested. Tired, too. Probably from us keeping him up all day yesterday. We were only there about an hour and a half. Then after lunch we went up to Entoto mountain. It is pretty cool. We could see the whole city, and there was a church and the palace of Emperor so-and-so.

Grandma says Kaiser is the cutest kid she has ever seen, except for the other 3 grandkids, definately the cutest one in there. I agree. Lilia has been so great, just playing and going with the flow. She started to play quite a bit with the other kids in the transition home yesterday, and is being less shy. She loves to ride the shuttle bus everywhere. The newness of her brother has worn off a little. She is less interested in playing with him, more interested in playing on the playground. Typical 5 year old kid.

We got Ethiopian coffee today, but didn't make it to the coffee factory. Tomorrow I am going to try to find an Ethiopian coffee set since my last one broke in my suitcase. Our plans for tomorrow are to visit our little guy, then I will be moving to a different place to stay, the guest house.

We were so excited because we gave the transition home crocs yesterday and a bunch of them were wearing them today! It was good to see they use them and the nannies were really thankful and said they needed them so bad. Another fiasco about the crocs to tell a different time.....

I am excited to spend some time with my buddy boy but will be a little sad to be alone here. I will be the only family here from our agency so it will be quiet. But maybe Kaiser needs to get some bonding time with me :)

We love you all, and will e-mail again as soon as we can.

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