Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

We made it home!

His first bath at home

Kaiser and Papa

One if his happy moments

You can always count on grandma to make life fun
 We made it safe and sound.  He was an angel on the plane and slept a lot of the time.  He only fussed a few times, but calmed down very easily.  We had a great homecoming at the airport with my whole family there to greet us.  It was great!  My niece got a cousin for her birthday that day.  I won't forget that day!
Since we have been home, things have been a little crazy!  Kaiser has been pretty sick, and was up crying a lot during the first night.  He has a nasty cough, runny/stuffy nose, eyes glued shut and he is pulling on both his ears.  We are going to try to take him in first thing Monday.  During the next day he still slept a lot but seemed a little happier during his awake times.  Grandma and Papa came over to visit him.
Lilia is liking having a baby brother, but plugs her ears when he cries.  She cried the first time he cried.  It is sweet to see her try to make him laugh.  I think the newness has worn off a little and she just wants a lot of attention from us.  It is hard because I am exhausted, trying to take care of him and her.  Lee has been great getting up with him, but sometimes, he just wants me.
Another day today and hopefully he will feel better!

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Grant and Vanessa said...

So glad that you made it home safe. You've got a beautiful family! Hope Kaiser starts feeling better soon.

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