Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia Day 9

Today I woke up feeling just fine. I went down and ate breakfast and ran into the couple I talked with yesterday. The lady is so, so sick. She is on her way to the hospital, and her husband is going to get a power of attorney so he can go to court without her and so she can go home tonight. Immediately after breakfast I started to feel a little nauseous, but I am hoping it is either psychological knowing she is sick, or it is because I ate too much breakfast. I do not want to deal with illness while I am here. Got a baby to take care of! Just keep praying for me, not only for embassy stuff, but just for my health. I have a darn good immune system anyway, so I am hoping it does me good.

After I went and saw Kaiser my stomach is fine. I feel better and no more fun with the toilet. Now just a small sore throat and earache, but I am hoping it is just from the pollution and dryness. The smell of burning coal is strong, and I could see a brown cloud over the city today when I was on the rooftop.

I got to skype my mom and little girl tonight. It makes my heart a little sad that she is home and I am here. I keep telling myself it is just a season of life that will be over soon. I miss my husband and my daughter, along with my parents, siblings and niece and nephews.

The power was out for a while today. I have to write my emails on Word and then copy them over. My visit with the little buddy was wonderful today. He was sleeping when I first got there and I let him be. He woke up after almost an hour. We played a little and I fed him his bottle. He gets fussy each day at about 2:45 and feeding time is 3pm. I put him in the pouch again today and he really loved it. He stayed in there for an hour and a half. The other kids were over there today so we just walked around and played with the kids. He just looked around smiling at them all and taking in the sights. I played soccer with a boy today and Kaiser loved to look back and forth at the ball. Maybe he will be a soccer player or marathon runner one day. After the kids went back to their transition home, we laid on a blanket on the grass. He is trying so hard to crawl, but can’t quite get it. He gets up on his feet with his head on the ground so he looks like an upside down “V” and tries to rock back and forth. He is trying so hard! He giggled a lot today and I found out he is ticklish on the sides of his ribcage and on the back of his neck. I love to hear him laugh. I think maybe he likes me more and more each day, although I don’t compare to his favorite nanny quite yet. Baby steps. At least he doesn’t cry and push me away.

I found out today that he really likes it when I sing to him. He stares and smiles at me. And today I was singing in his ear and he put his cheek next to mine and held it there until I was done with the song. So cute. He is teething I think, and keeps trying to chew on things. My finger, his hands. He has a toy that both my niece and nephew had that has teething things on all the hands and feet and he really likes to chew on that. I can’t quite see the teeth coming in yet, but it has to be soon.

I got to stay a long time today and I loved it. I kind of like it when the other kids are there because it gives Kaiser someone to look at besides me! He seems to really like being outside.

I am off to eat Chicken and rice tonight. I had only a granola bar at lunch because I was worried about my stomach, but I think it is okay now.

No news today from the Embassy. Our coordinator said she thought Wednesday at the earliest that we would hear something. I knew it, just thought maybe they would be fast. I know they are bogged down with a lot of cases and I don’t know why I feel like I am more important! Just want to get my son home to see his great grandma before she goes to heaven. Pray, pray pray for me!

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