Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia day 11

It has been quite an interesting day today. Kaiser woke up pretty sick today. His nose was completely clogged, and he has been coughing up a lot of junk today and he sounds terrible. He has been pretty irritable and lethargic, and he has spent a good part of the day sleeping. Poor fella.

He has diarrhea today, which I didn't think would happen because I didn't switch formula. I fed him some cereal last night thinking it was rice, and found out today when I read the fine print that it is wheat cereal, so maybe that is the problem. I was suctioning out his nose which he screamed about, and then he threw up all over himself and me. Off to the bathtub we went, which he seemed to really like again. I layed him on a blanket on the floor with some toys, and before I knew it, he was asleep again.

The smog here is the worst I have ever been in. Deisel fuel, and the smell of burning coal all the time. I think maybe that made his illness worse, especially since yesterday was the worst it has been since we have been here, and he was outside a lot when I took him out of the TH yesterday. My throat is hurting a lot also, and my sinuses are a little clogged. Not that Denver is the cleanest air, but I will be looking forward to air a little cleaner than this!

This afternoon he seems to be a bit more smiley and chipper. He wants to try to stand up a lot, and decided he hates the bumbo chair. He has cried every time I have put him in it today. I think maybe he just wants to either sleep, or be held. Not a problem!

Well, it is my last night here tonight. I am gonna miss the sound of the dogs and that lovely rooster (NOT!!!) I really am going to miss the people. I have really gotten to know my coordinators over here, who are wonderful. All the Ethiopian people have been nothing but nice, helpful and friendly. Every time you smile, the people always smile back. It is a great group of people. I am going to miss seeing the kids at the transition home and playing with them. I am so glad that most of them have families, and are waiting to go home.

I am so happy this journey is almost over, but part of me feels a little sad, too. It is hard to explain, though. It has been a long ride, and I am so ready to start our lives as a family of 4!!

I will post one more time tomorrow before I leave. My plane leaves at noon Denver time so say a prayer for me and Kaiser. Love to you all.

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