Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia day 8

This morning I met a couple of people from the states in the guest house that were very nice. We talked for quite a bit, which was good for me so it isn’t so lonely. One had their son and has an embassy appt. on Monday and the other was here for court on Wednesday. Nice people and it made the morning go by faster than yesterday.

I learned a lot about Kaiser today. He was sitting in a walker play thing when I got there and he saw me and just smiled. He got really fussy when I got down by him, and I couldn’t tell if he was unhappy to see me or if he wanted out of his thing. I always seem to get there at naptime and the nannies said he was tired. The first thing I learned is that he sleeps on his stomach. Every time I have seen him sleeping he has been on his tummy and again today, I laid down on the couch with him and he fell right asleep on my chest. The second thing is that he falls asleep sucking on the palm of his hand. He did it yesterday and today. He will wake up and turn his head and then his other hand goes right up in his mouth. Not his fingers, just his palm. Today he was falling asleep again in the carrier and he was fussy because he couldn’t get to his hands. As soon as I put his hands inside the carrier, he put them up to his mouth and fell asleep. We walked around for about an hour just outside the transition home with him in the carrier. He really seemed to like it. He just looked around at everything. I wanted to try it out before I put him in it at the airport.

I talked to his favorite nanny and she told me he likes to drink from the slow flow bottles. She said he doesn’t like it when it is the fast flow. Which makes sense because I fed him Thursday and Friday with a faster flow and he really didn’t eat much. Today he ate the whole thing even though it took a while.

I feel like I am learning about him more and more every day. What he likes and smiles at, what he hates. Like holding him in your arms laying down, he hates, wiping his nose he hates. It feels good to get to know him. I hope he is getting to know me, too. He probably thinks I am a big dork because I am always making crazy faces and noises to try to get him to smile.

Tonight I am having penne pasta and meat sauce at the guest house. I have been craving certain foods today like Mexican food, and steak which I never crave. Salad, Dr. Pepper, pickles. I could stand to skip a few anyhow.

More tomorrow. Hopefully I will get news. I don’t expect to hear anything until late next week, but you never know! The embassy may look through his stuff quicker. Let’s hope and pray!

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