Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

Ethiopia Day 7 I think???

Today was honestly, a great day. I spent the first part of it just relaxing at the guest house. I took a hot shower, blow dried and straightened my hair, put some good make-up on, made myself look presentable. Then I read a little, drank some tea and waited for my ride.

I went to the transition home and it felt deserted a little bit! No staff are there except for the nannies, and on the weekend, they don’t bring the older kids over to the baby house for school. So I had the place to myself! I spent the first half hour in his room with the nannies and the other babies. I took this toy that rolls if you push down the top and all the kids were so excited and interested in it. It was one of my toys for Kaiser to play with when I get him with me, but honestly, I couldn’t bear to take it away from the kids so I left it there. He started to get really crabby for a while and his nannies said it was nap time for him. I took him out on the porch and tried to rock him to sleep. I put him on his back on the couch and sang to him and he just looked up at me and smiled. He started to get really fussy and I remembered he sleeps on his tummy. I laid down and put him on my chest and he went “waaaaa!” laid his head down

and went to sleep in 15 seconds. It was truly the best bonding time we have had thus far. We just laid there together and then he woke up when I tried to put the blanket up on him further. I think he was asleep for a half hour.

Then all of a sudden, he got really fussy and started screaming crying. Actual crocodile tears, which I haven’t seen yet. I went to talk to the nannies because I thought he was hungry and after he ate, he was happy little Kai again. We played for a while with the other babies in his room, then went outside on the grass. He really has not been outside a lot, so he spent a lot of time just looking around at the sights. His favorite toy today was a package of antibacterial wipes. It must have been crunchy or something because he couldn’t put it down! He is still sick, coughing quite a bit and his nose is really runny. Even so, he smiled and laughed. It was weird being there alone, but really wonderful, too. I miss my family terribly, but I am taking this time to really get to know his personality, and to let him know I am not going anywhere.

I am so tired and am thinking of going to bed early. Tomorrow will be a repeat of today. Can’t wait to see him again. Can’t wait to see if Monday brings any news. It is a little early, but I am hoping anyway. Just skyped with my dad and found out my family is safe on the ground in Washington, DC. Can’t wait to talk to them to see how the flight was.

Love to all!

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