Lee, Amy, Lilia and Kaiser

It has been a rough couple weeks!

The first couple weeks have definately been harder than I expected.  We came home with a really sick little guy.  That first weekend was tough, almost taking him to the ER a couple times.  We stuck it out until Monday and then took him right into the doctor.  Double ear infections, sinus infection and bronchiolitis.  He got started on a strong antibiotic right away, along with breathing treatments 3-4 times a day.  He then was started on inhaled steroids, which his doctor said he will probably need for about a month.  He had a chest xray, which showed a pretty enlarged heart, and he has a murmur.  So tomorrow we are going to see a pediatric cardiologist to get an echocardiogram of his heart to see what is going on.   Worst case scenario is that he has a congenital heart defect.  But God has a plan and he made our family the way it is from the beginning of time.  If it is something, thank God he is mine and he is here to get treatment.  He wouldn't have been healthy had he stayed in Ethiopia.  He has been so sick for so long, and I just wonder if his heart is enlarged from having to push blood through is constantly infected lungs.  Who knows, but we will find out tomorrow.  He also has a low set belly button, which sometimes can be associated with kidney problems, so we are going to get an abdominal ultrasound on Monday.  More fun at the farm.
Regardless of him being sick, he is the smiliest, happiest, talkative baby ever.  He has such a little personality already, and is really just as happy as can be.  He FINALLY slept through the night on Monday night.  YAY!  I was about ready to freak out one day because he was up screaming all night, and then would sleep about a half hour during the day.  I got really sick, then Lilia got sick.  I almost keeled over!  But God gave me grace to keep going, and we are all getting healthier by the day.
Lilia is doing pretty well with him.  She got a little sad for a few days feeling left out, like no one cared about her anymore.  But she is better now, and is really liking to make him laugh and smile.  She is also liking to show him off to her friends.
My dear, sweet grandma passed away Friday after a battle with cancer.  She wanted to make it to see her new great grandson, which she did and I am so proud of her.  I love her and miss her so much!  Thank you grandma for all your love.  I will miss you!!

Breathing treatments

Lilia came home sick from school today

After being sick for a lot of days!

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